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Create, manage and scale your radion & prodcast

The easiest way to start your own online radio station. Join hundreds of other communities who choose us to broadcast their internet radio stations globally.

  • Unlimited NVMe Auto DJ Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Listeners.
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Easy to Manage and Use

Manage your station wherever you are. Use the new Shoutcast radio manager.

Robust & professional Infrastructure

Ensure full connectivity & scalability to your listeners thanks to our secure and reliable infrastructure.

Audience Monetization

Enable monetization of your station with our partner, using our ad-stitching technology.

Simplified Radio Pricing

Shoutcast Server Freemium $1.99

Shoutcast Server Business $13

Shoutcast Server Enterprise $44

Compatible With Any Encoder
Unlimited Stations
Live Broadcasting
Unlimited Simultaneous Listeners
MP3&AAC Format Supported (up to 320kbps) Limited MP3 128kbps
Scalability (Support up to 12,000 unique listeners) Not applicable
Shoutcast Automation System (Planner) Not applicable Not applicable
Support Backup URL Not applicable
SSL Support Personal & Customisable SSL Certificate
Vanity URL Not applicable Not applicable

our pertners

Simple & Powerful toolshigh performance 100% Intel CPU and 100% SSD bare metal platform.
SSL Encrypted Streams.

All our Shoutcast streaming plans include an SSL streaming link completely free of charge. This is especially important if you stream your radio through a website or page. Modern browsers do not accept Non-SSL requests and will produce warning errors if its not secured by an SSL Certificate.

Powered by Centova Cast.

CentovaCast is a popular centralized control panel that allows you to manage all your radio streams under one single interface, making running a radio station an extremely simple process. It features Auto-DJ, Media Libraries, FTP Access, Unique Widgets, Statistics, Playlists and more!

Extensive Statistics.

Built directly within your Centova Cast control panel, track your online radio's performance directly in your control panel, view listening hours, viewer peaks, average session length and much more!

ShoutCast Directory.

Easily add your radio to Shoutcasts public directory through our platform to gain exposure to the largest viewed radio directory globally. We fully support Shoutcast based auth-hashes and the ability for your radio to be played directly through their public directory under your given music genre..

USA Server 99.99% BRAZIL Server 85.70% ALGERIA Server 40.80% ASIA Server 75.20% AUSTRALIA Server 95.89%

We are running in all of the world

Our 4 million users are the 4 million reasons why you have to use our services. Each service we provide is a source of real-time intelligence about new and current threats. That’s how we run our servers to make that network even stronger.

Need a self-managed VPS?

We also offer self-managed VPS hosting plans starting at $ 4.99/mo.

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